About Kim Mayleen S.

Tätowiererin und Zeichnerin Kim vor ihrem Zertifikat

The Art of Kim Mayleen


Hi there! I am Kim - a young and aspiring artist from Germany.


Even at a young age, I was quite enthusiastic about creating art. For example, whenever it came to designing a poster or drawing something in school, I was always so excited about it. However, I also used to be distracted from class from time to time because I was too busy creating any drawings. Well, that's just how it is when you are passionate about art..

Not infrequently I was told that I have great talent for many creative kinds of art and that I should definitely do something artistic by profession, and so I took these words to heart.

From the age of about 12 years, I participated in various drawing classes and thus was able to perfect my talent further.

In the year 2018, shortly after graduating from high school, I moved, together with my dad and our two cats, to the beautiful Canary Islands.

And here I am now. My desire for the future is to live for a long, long time with my passion, the arts, to live independently and to make others and myself happy with my works.

If you want to follow me on my journey and want to watch my grow as an artist, you are very welcome to follow me on my socials where I post art-related stuff every week.